[State Guest House Open Application System Privacy Policy]

1. Basic Concept

The Cabinet Office State Guest House collects information from users of this website within the scope required for smooth provision of services (e.g. receive tour applications, issue application numbers, and send admission passes) provided by the State Guest House Open Application System (hereinafter, “this System”). The collected information shall be handled appropriately and in accordance with the purpose of use.

2. Scope of Information to be Collected

(1) This System automatically collects the internet domain names, IP addresses, and information related with browsing within this System. A part of the services provided by this System use cookies (in order to identify the user on the server, the server sends information to the user’s browser and it accumulates in the user’s computer). However, cookies are not being used to collect any information that could enable identification of an individual user. Users may not be able to use the services provided by this System if the cookie function is disabled within their browser settings.
(2) The Application Screen and other pages of this System collect the applicant's name (in furigana), date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, number of people for the tour, address (prefecture or country name), company name (if the applicant is a business) (hereinafter, "the User Attributes") and other information. The address and the name of the company are optional. When this System collects personal information, a secure sockets layer (SSL) is in place in order to encrypt and protect the data from unauthorized access by third parties.

3. Purpose of Use

(1) About the Information Collected in 2. (1)
The information shall be used as a reference for smooth operation of services provided by this System.
(2) About the Information Regarding User Attributes Collected in 2. (2)
Besides using this information when receiving tour applications, issuing application numbers, sending admission passes, the information shall also be used as a reference for smooth provision of services such as identity verification upon arrival to the premises, collection of visitor statistics and other.

4. Restriction of Use and Provision

The collected information shall be used only for the purposes stipulated under 3., and shall not be disclosed to third parties unless required so by law, due to unauthorized access, illegal activities such as threats or other specific reasons. However, statistically processed information regarding the access to this System and its users may be published.

5. Security Control Measures

This System undertakes necessary security control measures in order to prevent information leaks, loss or slander, and ensure the appropriate handling of collected information.
Operational management of the equipment supporting this System is assigned to a contractor and the contractor likewise undertakes the necessary security control measures to ensure the appropriate handling of collected information.

6. Retention Period

This System does not store the collected information longer than that is necessary for their purpose of use.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information

In case the information collected by this System, corresponds with retained personal information (as stipulated in the third clause of Article 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative Organs (Law No. 58, May 30, 2003)), the information may be disclosed on the basis of a request as provided by Article 12 of this Act.

8. Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy shall only be applicable for this System. Handling of information by other related government offices shall be implemented under the responsibility of each organization in question.

9. Other

This Privacy Policy shall be revised as necessary.

10. Inquiries

State Guest House, Administrative Division
Main Line: 03-3478-1111